How Are We Different?

Let's start with this very simple question: How are we different from the rest? I'm sure you have wandered here after an exhausting search through the internet to find the perfect service provider OR this is your first rodeo and you are seeing something for the first time. What we offer beyond others is seamless, simple serviceLet's explain. This means that when you ask us to take care of your social media accounts the process is simple. You tell us what you want out of a great marketing campaign and we just create something that we know will bring you the most to your business. The legwork is ours. Think of us as your web servants. After your approval we publish all of your posts and take care of all the technical stuff and voila you have yourself a functional and beautiful social media marketing campaign. We cater to your every need. If you want so much as a single word changed on your posts we make it happen instantly. Let's be clear; any provider that says they can't do something instantly is one that has trouble with the truth. Here we take care of our customers in a seamless, simple way and that is what our brand is. The world doesn't have to be complicated if we can make it easy.


Social Media Marketing

Some of us are in a transition. The good old fashion marketing techniques just aren't cutting it anymore and more are realizing the power of social media marketing. Accessing the platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest can ultimately take your business to a whole new level. Its the equivalent of standing in a room of over 7 billion people and screaming into a megaphone about your business. It's the only way to get noticed now and its vital that you jump on board. We create social media pages for you and run your advertising campaigns. You just need to provide us with some content and what you would ultimately like to say and we will take care of it for you. Take a look at our "I Don't Understand Social Media" package to hear more about what we can do for you.


Web Design

We'll be honest... we've made some pretty epic websites and we really want to make one for you. We specialize in setting businesses that we deal with apart from the crowd and allow them to enter the prestigious claim of having the "best" website in their industry.  We listen to your every need and build our websites to tailor to your desires. Offering sharp analytics generated from our websites you can make informed business decisions that can take your profits to a new level. Our team offers a personalized experience of website design that allows you to be apart of the process too. Some website engineers place barriers in website design but we promise we will make anything happen. Welcome to the easiest web design exchange you will ever have. Period.

Personal Social Media Managment 

We want to take care of everything about you thats out there on the internet. If you are someone that needs to have a monitored account on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn than give us a call today! Politicians, celebrities and business owners are all people who need to monitor their presence online and Drop Enterprises can take that burden for you. We can monitor as many social media platforms as you wish and we can do it for one affordable flat rate per month. Monitoring your personal accounts can be just as important as monitoring your businesses account depending on what field you are in. We won't disappoint in our effort to make you look amazing online!

Virtual Assistant


At Drop Enterprises we realize that running a business is an extremely busy adventure which means it doesn't give you much time for much else in your life. We want to be able to take some of the pressures and nuisances away from you and take care of them for you. We can take care of email management, making phone calls, ordering groceries online or cold calling new clients. You let us know what you need done online and we can do it. Our prices are more than competitive and like every other facet of our business; we do everything for you just like we would for our own business.