Three Ways To Be A Better Business Online (And Get More Customers!)

We live in a time of industry disruption and new thinking. Moving forward in this world sometimes means leaving some in business behind, and that is part of progress. Staying relevant and staying afloat in this climate is a challenge that every business is meeting. This article should clarify some challenges that will present themselves and we have come up with useful ideas to learn how to deal with them. If you aren’t blessed with a highly useful brainwave to create something like Uber, AirBnb and Facebooks co-founders have created, than you are likely one of the millions of entrepreneurs that are trying to stay relevant in their respective fields while facing stiff competition in your respective regions. If you are a company thats lucky enough to go global than the competition becomes the race to market to your customers effectively through social media and word of mouth advertising. But to be the best means rising above the rest and that means doing things better; way better. We have a few steps that we think can help the proverbial cream rise to the top.


Get People Talking


We are going to give some hard honesty here… most marketing does not come from social media as most people think. Marketing that gets people really excited about your business takes the form of good old fashioned word of mouth; friends telling friends, and those friends telling other friends. The game of telephone is the oldest way to get the word around and it beats out the new age social media platforms by a mile. So, our tip: come up with an idea that sets your self apart from the rest. Understanding who you are selling to is vital, and you need to speak to those individuals in ways that other people can’t. Getting people to talk about your brand often means you have to present a product that is far superior but presentation is also key. Drop Enterprises specializes in brainstorming sessions that allow businesses to come up with fresh ideas to reach their clientele and these ideas do not always begin on the internet but social media does lend a good hand when needed. Ideas that get people excited about the business facilitates a very human reaction to tell every single person they know how awesome your product is. Finding the sweet spot is hard but we are here to help and every business has a perfectly crafted algorithm to make this happen.


Beautifully Themed and Designed Marketing Campaigns


When you sit down with a firm like Drop Enterprises we try and get our finger on the pulse of what your business needs to reach your customer base. Generally there is very solid theme that your business follows and a story that your business wishes to tell the world. Harnessing your story and vision is important; actually realizing what that vision and story looks like for a business owner is a challenge to define. We understand that brands change over time and that businesses take new direction as the world progresses but its important to have consistently themed and beautiful marketing content that reflects your values and direction. Don’t think for a second that this isn’t important because your customers will be utterly confused to the point that they will go to a business that looks like they have their shit together. Humans are naturally drawn to things that are consistent. The more they see something, the more they will become accustomed to it. Intelligent and strategic marketing will create loyal customers and loyal customers drive growth. Setting yourself apart in this field usually requires a professional who has the experience to see trends that set businesses apart. Knowing your audience is important but knowing how to capture their attention is imperative. Commercials or campaigns that target the brain (intelligent purchasing decisions, ie. cheaper than competitors), the heart (emotionally engaging content) or the sex drive (purchasing will make the customer more attractive to a mate) invite customers to satisfy a primal urge and respond to your business. The information is all the same; how you present it and to whom you present it to, is why you hire a firm like Drop Enterprises.


Caring About Your Customers (like really caring)


Lets be honest without customers you would have no business or at least you would make absolutely no money. Their opinion matters now more than ever. We deal with a lot of clients that wonder how in the world to deal with Facebook or Google reviews. These are an animal that every business battles and a negative review can cripple a budding business. Our simplest answer: respond and assist. You are just going to have to face these things head on because a positive response to a negative review generally equals proof that your company cares and that will set you apart from other businesses. But good customer service does not begin when you receive a bad review; it begins from the very moment that you open the doors to your business. Customers read passion and they know when someone is being insincere so make sure you love what you do and you really mean what you say. Your first clients in any business will normally be your biggest fans and the ones who will actual spread word about your business as it grows. These clients will tell the story about how they have loved your brand since day one and will want to tell your success story to every person they meet. Every customer represents an extremely FREE marketing opportunity so do not waste it; treat every customer like they are going to tell someone else verbatim what you said to them. Honesty and integrity will make people trust your brand and it gets people talking. No amount of social media posts or “engaging content” will beat that, remember that always.


Learning how to access the perfect equation to reach and grow your customer base is hard especially when you are trying to compete against businesses doing the exact same thing as you. Have no fear though because thats why Drop Enterprises exists. We help businesses just like yours to rise above the rest and really take competing to a new level. We strive to create solutions for companies that stand the test of time and gain them real lasting relationships with their customers. We treat every single business like it is our own and we take this seriously because we know you certainly do if you’ve chosen us to represent you. Don’t waste anymore time; call or email us today so we can get you on track to stiff arm the competition and really make your business the best it can be.


Josh Pitt


Drop Enterprises